China Prepares to End the Uyghurs as a People

DNC Power Source, Xi’s China, Prepares to Wipe out the Uyghurs



The Uyghurs as a people are about to disappear from the face of the planet, and it’s all thanks to Han Supremacism as cultivated by Chairman Xi, the man who enables American corporations to do to Americans the anti-American things these corporations are now empowered to do.

While American corporations lead the charge against muh racisms and bigotries,  lecturing to Americans every chance they get on how miserable our moral failings, and assuring us they will condition us by hook or by crook to “do better,” even if it costs us our jobs, even our lives. they’re also relying on Chinese fascit-powered market yuans and cheap Chinese labor to continue to provide for Americans products and services dipped in an America-hating, family-demonizing, human-invalidating, racist and bigoted agit prop additives, additives to our products and services our Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, SPECIFICALLY says we’re not to do to one another, NO MATTER YOUR JUSTIFICATION!

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