China to Genocide Xinjiang by Preventing Births?

China Could Prevent up to 4.5 Million Births in Xinjiang, Leading Researcher Claims

2021-08-25 14:09:06



China could prevent the births of up to 4.5 million Uyghurs and members of other minority ethnic groups in the next two decades through extensive population control measures in Xinjiang, a leading researcher has found.

In a study published in the academic journal Central Asian Survey, U.S.-based German researcher Adrian Zenz cites Chinese officials and government-affiliated reports to describe Beijing’s plan to “optimize” the composition of residents living in the country’s northwestern region.

Zenz, whose work led China to sanction him and others in March, told Newsweek that world governments must do more to address China’s continued application of draconian policies against its majority Muslim population in Xinjiang.

“It is critical that Beijing doesn’t just get away with these abuses,” said Zenz.

His latest paper identifies recurring arguments and language that have come out of Chinese research in recent years. They include calls for “optimizing Xinjiang’s ethnic population…


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