Christian Missionary Group Deplatformed by Bank of America

The Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a formal complaint with the Tennessee AG claiming their bank account was shut down by Bank of America for being conservative while banking. The organization does mission work in Uganda and the Bank of America (who should change their name to Progmerica, which is no America at all). The organization cited Tennessee law that states, “It is illegal for a place of public accommodations to refuse or deny the full and equal enjoyment of goods, facilities and accommodations based on Age (40+), Color, Creed, National Origin, Race, Religion and Sex.”

Christian mission serving Uganda says Bank of America closed its accounts as debanking spreads –


A Christian missionary organization serving impoverished Ugandans filed a consumer complaint against Bank of America after the institution closed accounts associated with the ministry as the financial sector continues to stop serving clients it deems too risky, ranging from those promoting conservative values to those in the pornography industry.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative legal group, filed the complaint Tuesday to the Tennessee Attorney General representing Indigenous Advance Ministries (IAM). The ADF says that “The complaint asks Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti to investigate whether the bank illegally discriminated against the charity [IAM] because of its religious views.”

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