Christians in Afghanistan in Fear After Taliban Takeover

Taliban takeover sparks fear among Asian Christians

2021-08-20 11:45:00



The return of the Taliban has prompted the governments of Muslim-majority Pakistan and Bangladesh to adopt a somewhat welcoming stance, triggering concerns among church officials. Pakistani government officials said they would accept any Afghan government that has the backing of Afghan people and noted that “the new, civilized Afghan Taliban would prefer talks to guns.”

Rights activists have criticized such glorification of the Taliban. Camillian Father Mushtaq Anjum said the Taliban’s victory would embolden extremist forces in Pakistan and minorities, especially Christians, would suffer badly.

Similarly, Bangladesh’s government said it would welcome any government in Afghanistan, even the Taliban, if it is formed by the people of that country. Holy Cross Father Liton H. Gomes, secretary of the Bangladesh Catholic bishops’ Justice and Peace…


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