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Christians Who Reject The Trans Lie Not Fit to Adopt Children?

A Massachusetts couple is filing a lawsuit after they were denied adopting a child by the state for their religious convictions that marriage is only righteous between a man and a woman, and that we are born to the sex (or gender) that God assigned to us. The couple are Mike and Kitty Burke, who are suing to have the right to adopt children even if their faith does not alone with the religion of the state, the antichrist religion that denies God’s laws and counts them as sin.

From the lawsuit: During their home interviews, however, the Burkes were troubled that much of the questions centered on their Catholic views on sexual orientation, marriage, and gender dysphoria. In response to these questions, the Burkes emphasized that they would love and accept any child, no matter the child’s future sexual orientation or struggles with gender identity. However, because Mike and Kitty said they would continue to hold to their religious beliefs about gender and human sexuality, Massachusetts denied them a license to foster any child because, as the reviewer put it, “their faith is not supportive and neither are they.”

Couple Banned From Fostering Children Because of Their Beliefs About Transgenderism and Marriage – RedState

A Massachusetts couple has filed a lawsuit after they were allegedly subjected to discriminatory standards in their attempt to become foster parents. Mike Burke, who served during the Iraq War, and his wife Kitty say that despite a clean record and otherwise meeting every requirement, officials did not find their religious views on transgenderism and marriage “supportive.”

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