Is Mass Formation Psychosis the Left’s Kryptonite?

Claims of ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Set the Left’s Hair on Fire – RedState

2022-01-09 08:30:30



For much of the pandemic, the fact that millions of Americans have been driven into some level of mental instability regarding COVID-19 has been apparent. One only has to watch Joy Reid’s crackpot show to understand that the left’s fear-mongering is causing triple-vaxxed (or formerly double-vaxxed) and masked individuals to experience completely undue levels of hysteria.

A few weeks ago, after news of emergency rooms being clogged up with fully vaxxed individuals seeking COVID tests broke, I wrote a piece entitled “The Collective Chickens of the Collective Psychosis of COVID Hysteria Come Home to Roost.” A little over a week later, Dr. Robert Malone did his landmark interview with Joe Rogan, popularizing the phrase “mass formation psychosis” among those looking for a way to express the left’s inability to think rationally when it comes to the coronavirus.

Here was Malone’s description.

When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other, and has…


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