College Wants to Award Students for Making Film that Glorifies Murdering Unborn Children – Freedomist News Feed

Barnard College wants the world to know it not only approves murdering unborn children (abortion), but it celebrates the deaths of innocents for mostly selfish needs, not wanting the burden of taking care of children while enjoying the benefits of unprotected, unaccountable, serial sex.

It celebrates this depravity so much it has created a film-making contest that will award the best of the worst cinematic glorifications of the depraved practice with a mentorship in how to better promote murdering unborn children for fun and profit.

Barnard College launches movie contest to ‘celebrate’ abortion –


Barnard College wants “to celebrate and support abortion stories.”

Its annual Athena Film Festival recently closed submissions for its mentorship program. Winners of the script competition will be announced at the film festival scheduled for Feb. 29- March 4, 2024.

Winners of the project will receive mentorship on how to better promote the direct killing of innocent preborn babies. “The Abortion Pipeline Project (APP) is an annual narrative screenplay competition for feature and short film scripts which seeks to seed and source a variety of narrative film projects which center abortion,” the description states.


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