Community Leaders Cut Off Water to 2 Mexican Christian Families for Holding Worship Services at Home –

Community Leaders Cut Off Water to 2 Mexican Christian Families for Holding Worship Services at Home

2021-09-10 19:30:23


Two Christian families in Hidalgo, Mexico, have been threatened by their neighbors after holding worship services in a home of a relative. 

Christian Solidarity Worldwide, (CSW) reports the two families, who are members of the First Baptist Church in a nearby city, were threatened with their essential services being cut off. The families could also face being expelled from the community if they do not pay the rest of the fine that was levied as part of an extra-legal agreement in January 2020.

The threat to the families came during a meeting with local community leaders, who refused to let them speak in their defense.

Protestant families in this part of Mexico have had to live with constant stress for over two and a half years, after many were forced to sign an agreement renouncing their faith in January 2019.  Eight families signed the agreement, but Cruz Hernández, Santiago Hernández and their wives, Maria Francisca Martínez Hernández and Angelina Martínez Hernández,…


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