Covid Vaccine Pressure Increasing in Corporate Sector

Growing Number of U.S. Companies Increasing Pressure For Employee Vaccines

2021-08-16 15:08:23



A big question U.S. workers may have to answer soon: Will I get one of the COVID-19 vaccines or risk my job?

That query is gaining some momentum as a growing number of corporations are putting more pressure on some or all of their employees to get inoculated.

The rising trend is largely being fueled by the highly contagious Delta COVID-19 variant.

Reportedly the most infectious strain of its type so far, the variant is prompting a broad mix of companies to become more proactive in encouraging employees to get vaccinations, postponing or changing return-to-work plans, and bringing back mask wearing.

At the same time, whether to or not to impose vaccinations has become controversial for employers because some employees may not want to get the shot for religious, health, or other reasons. So far, there is no federal legislation that mandates COVID-19 vaccines for everyone.

More than 12 large U.S. corporations, counting United Airlines and Tyson Foods, have recently announced vaccine…


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