DC Wants Foreigners Deciding American Elections

MORE “AMERICAN” CITIES PUSH FOR NON-CITIZEN VOTING –The District of Columbia is joining Chicago, NYC, and San Francisco in moving to make it “legal” for non-citizens to vote in “American” elections, an act of sedition in and of itself, but not if you imagine these lands are the nation of the DNC, a nation at existential odds with our own.

The President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, an American election integrity watchdog group, said of the overt acts of sedition by the largest political party in America, “When foreign nationals who have no stake in the future of our country are allowed to vote, it undermines the importance of citizenship and the more than century long [struggle] for black Americans to gain the right to vote. Foreign nationals are diluting the power of black Americans to elect candidates of their choices. We have to stop this real foreign interference in our elections.” read more

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