Death Rate Reach 200-Year High

Death rates up 40%, setting new 200-year high, life insurance company CEO says

2022-01-09 21:00:15
Walter Einenkel


There are large areas of the United States under Republican control where COVID-19 deaths and COVID-19-related deaths are openly undercounted. Unfortunately for the GOP and Trump death-cult followers, life insurance doesn’t care about your internet research degree at MAGA Meme University. Their entire business model is based on the gamble that they can figure out exactly who will die and when, based on the best actuarial science and statistical data available.

Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons once told a joke that the strange relationship a consumer has with life insurance can be summed up as the consumer placing a bunch of money on a table and saying, “I bet you I die this year,” and the insurance company picking up the money, counting it, and saying “We bet you don’t.”

Life insurance companies do not care about your feelings. People either die or they don’t. Different groups of people have higher mortality rates for a variety of reasons, and life insurance companies…


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