Democrats Are Losing Their Religion

In 1999, 60 percent of Democrats identified as religious, compared to 62 percent for Republicans. In 2023, only 37 percent of Democrats identify as religious while 61 percent of Republicans do. The Democrats have been losing 1 percent of their religion for the past 23 years, which, this writer theorizes, coincides with the infiltration of the once-Democratic Party by atheist far-left anti-Americanists, so that now the Democratic Party is no more, only the DNC-CCP stands in its place. Only 47 percent of the nation as a whole identify as religious today.

Religious Identification Down Among Democrats by 20 Points in the Last 20 Years › American Greatness –


A survey from Gallup shows that religious affiliations have decreased dramatically among Democrats over the last 24 years.

According to Breitbart, the Gallup poll reports that in 1999, the number of Democrats who identified as religious in some way was at 60%, compared to 62% of Republicans. In 2023, that percentage is now just 37%, a staggering 23-point decrease that amounts to an average decrease of 1% every year.

“During that time, the percentage of Democrats identifying as spiritual but not religious has increased 14 points,” the survey reports, “while the percentage saying they are neither has tripled.” Meanwhile, “there has been no meaningful change in Republicans’ self-identification as religious or spiritual.” The percentage of Republicans who identify as religious has decreased by just one point since 1999, at 61% today. In the same span of time, the number of Republicans who identify as “spiritual” rather than religious rose slightly, from 25% to 28%.


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