Disney Empire Crumbling As Iger Signals Firesale Coming

Bob Iger has let the world know that the mega-media-empire of Disney is looking to cast off its provinces to the highest bidder, offering a third of the company for sale, including ABC, ESPN, and its streaming business in India.

The embattled CEO brought Disney into the Empire by acquiring other IP assets, then drove those assets into the ground, infesting them with anti-American, anti-human ideological dog whistles that eviscerated their legacy IP, leading them to lose hundred of billions this last year alone.

Bob Iger Shifts From Building an Empire to a Disney Yard Sale

Bob Iger built Disney into the world’s most powerful entertainment company by acquiring Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. Now he’s looking to downsize.

Iger put roughly a third of the company up for sale this week, declaring Disney’s linear TV assets noncore. That includes TV networks ABC, FX and Freeform. He also said Disney is looking for a strategic partner for ESPN — though he’s not willing to sell the whole thing — and the company is already looking to sell or restructure its TV and streaming business in India.

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