Disney Forced Employees to Keep Diary Proving Their Woke Activism

A Disney Whistleblower is exposing Disney’s abuse of employees and denial of basic constitutional rights in forcing them to keep a diary that documented their ongoing demonstration of adhering to the antichrist ideology of Woketarianism. The employees were not “forced” to keep these diaries, but any lack of compliance would be met with less compensation and lack of promotion, as those who embraced the cult of fear and hate would make more money and become the leaders of the now dying brand.

Youtube journalist WDW Pro received the documents from the whistleblower, declaring, “It is now our understanding that at Disney since the summer of 2020 many employees of the company have been required to maintain their various virtuous actions within diversity, equity, and inclusion. And that that diary of their ‘good deeds’ was part of maintaining their job security, but not only that, but in fact it was also tied to their job compensation if you can believe it.”

Disney Whistleblower Claims Company Systematically Persecuted Conservatives, Also Compensated Employees Based On How Woke They Virtue Signaled

A Disney whistleblower claims that the company required employees to keep Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Virtue diaries that determined whether employees would receive promotions, raises, or even keep their job. The whistleblower also claimed that the company systemically persecuted conservative employees.

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