Disney to Offer Kids Drag Queen Story Hours on Plus

Disney is hoping to capture the 3 percent of the population that favor grooming kids by moving Drag Queen shows from Hulu over to Disney plus where kids can then begin to question their sexuality and reject the human binary reality, for the good of the whole. One such show is called “Drag Me to Dinner,” which bills itself as a competition reality show that “doesn’t take itself too seriously. Doogie Houser, aka Neal Patrick Harris, shamelessly hosts and promotes the show.

Drag Queens Are Coming to Disney Plus

Disney Plus has a wide variety of shows on its platform, ranging from beloved classics to nature documentaries to action-packed superhero epics. Now, drag queens are looking to enter the fray.

With the different franchises and IPs the Walt Disney Company has acquired, there is something for everyone. If you’re a fan of Lucasfilm, it has all of the Indiana Jones movies and the entire Star Wars catalog. If superheroes are more your speed, then enjoy the entire pantheon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And if you’re just a regular Disney fan, just about every piece of Disney media they have ever made is there.

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