DNC Media Assaults Missouri Bill Outlawing Child Grooming in Schools

Missouri bill aims to outdo Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ by banning … – msnNOW

  • A Missouri bill would stop school staff talking to children about LGBTQ issues without parental consent.

  • It goes further than Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, introduced last year.

  • One state lawmaker called it “the most disrespectful bill I’ve ever seen.”

A new bill being considered in Missouri would restricts how schools can talk to students about LGBTQ issues and would go further than Florida’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law.

The bill, sponsored by Republican State Sen. Mike Moon, would prohibit any school nurse, counselor, teacher, principal, or other member of staff at a public or charter school from talking about gender identity or sexual orientation with a student unless they are a licensed mental health provider and have permission from the students’ parents.

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