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The debate over “gender-affirming care” has focused mostly on whether children should be allowed to “choose” to mutilate their bodies because they “feel” they are not the gender/sex they are born as. But doctors and academics have joined forces to put doubt on the efficacy of “gender-affirming care” for anyone, child or adult, suffering from gender dysphoria, the belief that you were born as the “wrong” biological sex.

The “Bigger Picture conference” hopes to shed light on the medical fecklessness of “gender-affirming care,” challenging the assumption that mutilating human bodies and making them dependent on dangerous chemicals for the rest of their lives is a better outcome than having to face actual reality, that they were born a biological sex that they, in fact, actually are.

‘We are butchering children’: Academics unite against ‘medical transitioning’ of kids –


Academics, clinicians, writers, and others critical of contemporary gender ideology gathered in Denver at a conference hosted by an international group opposing “gender-affirming care” for children.

Genspect launched its “Bigger Picture Conference” Nov. 4-5 to advance its mission and build community. The group formed in 2021 “as a coalition of parent and professional groups, united in concern about the inappropriate social and medical transitioning of young people questioning their gender,” according to its website.

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