DOJ Investigates Whether Colleges Can Reject DEI and Non-Binaryism

DOJ Looks to Criminalize Denial of Non-Binary Cultism, Looks to Charge College Officials For Cancelling “Gender Neutral” Bathrooms –


According to Chris Rufo, he is being targeted for an investigation by Biden’s corrupt, seditious Department of Justice because DNC-CCP ideologues have filed a complaint after his college, New College, cancelled all DEI programs and “gender neutral” bathroom signage.

The lawfare assault begun by programmed DNC-CCP NPCs asserts that Rufo and the New College Board of Trustees and Administrators “violated civil rights law by removing ‘gender neutral’ signage from bathrooms, defunding the DEI and gender studies programs, and “misgendering” the former DEI director, who uses ‘ze/zir’ pseudo-pronouns.”

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