Donors Revolt Against Project Veritas Move to Suspend Founder – Freedomist News Wire

Project Veritas Cancels O’Keefe, Donors Cancel Project Veritas

The destruction of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas from within was completed when a board of directors coup successfully removed the founder using unsubstantiated claims by employees that O’Keefe was too harsh on them.  The response from the donors was swift, threatening of legal action in the civic and warning of legal action in the criminal court.

The donors ended with this warning in their letter to the seditious board, “We understand that the Board will be meeting tomorrow and that, at least at present, may be intending to take further steps toward reducing Mr. O’Keefe’s leadership role and authority resulting in redirection of the mission of Project Veritas. We ask that the Board immediately cease and desist from taking such steps, as they risk violating Virginia charitable solicitation and trust law – as well as the governing documents of the Project Veritas entities.”

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