EcoHealth Sued For Role in Creating Plandemic Virus

Four families of victim’s of the Covid-19 virus are suing EcoHealth, the “American” company that continues to receive Biden funding even after it was exposed the company helped fund the engineering work that led to the creation and release of the poison pill intended to halt the advance of American liberty.

COVID Victims’ Families Sue EcoHealth over ‘Funding’ and ‘Releasing’ of Virus › American Greatness –


Four families of victims of the Chinese Coronavirus have filed a lawsuit against EcoHealth Alliance, the nonprofit that used taxpayer dollars to fund research in Wuhan, China that ultimately led to the creation of the virus.

As Just The News reports, the lawsuit alleges that EcoHealth and its president, Peter Daszak, were aware that the virus was “capable of causing a worldwide pandemic.” The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan, where EcoHealth is based.


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