Emory University Rules Free Speech Harmful

An American university taking taxpayer dollars has just ruled that a free speech group cannot be formed because free speech space is far too dangerous to allow anyone to just wander into without ‘protections’ from potentially ‘offensive’ thoughts and ideas.

Emory student free speech group rejected to prevent ‘harm’

From www.thecollegefix.com
2022-01-17 06:59:27
Jennifer Kabbany – Fix Editor

‘The rejection of the Emory Free Speech Forum exemplifies the exact reason why this club must exist’ 

Students at Emory University School of Law seeking to start a free speech group were rejected by the Student Bar Association, which argued in its denial letter there are “no apparent safeguards in place to prevent potential and real harm that could result” from the group’s various discussions.

The Student Bar Association, in rejecting the request from the Emory Free Speech Forum for official recognition, also said the group was too similar to other campus groups to approve.

The rejection letter was recently published by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which is lobbying on behalf of the Emory Free Speech Forum to get the decision overturned. FIRE argues the decision violates the private university’s free-expression policy.

On Jan. 10, FIRE publicly called on Emory Law to approve the forum’s application, which…


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