Eviction Apocolypse Potential Worries Economists

SCOTUS Ruling Creates Eviction Spike Disaster

From Freedomist.com


Over 8 million Americans are living under borrowed time, in rent arrears, previously protected from eviction by a CDC edict.  The Supreme Court rightly, within a Constitutional frame, ended the CDC-defined and enforced mandate on eviction moritoriums, though the harm it will do to millions is not much mitigated by such ‘comforting’ notions.

The problem itself was created by the mandates that led to the necessity of eviction moritoriums in the first place, the intentional halting of the ability of humans to consensually exchange value with one another.  The state put a ban hammmer of all ban hammers on human living, which meant humans couldn’t MAKE a living, let alone have a living, so to speak.

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