Facebook goes on offense ahead of whistleblower revelations on Capitol riot role – www.independent.co.uk

How DNC Hunger Artsts Are Seeking to Make Facebook Pay for January 6th

From Freedomist.com


A Facebook whistelblower will claim the company failed to take multiple warnings seriously leading up the events surrounding the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.  Facebook plans on getting in front of the story that seems to have legs and seems to be building negative momentum against the Silicon Valley leviathon.  They will attack the credibility of the whistleblower and claim they knew full well the science and did all they could to minimize the damage.

The whole affair is also a symbol of the cycles of moral clout public scalping Facebook itself has enabled, and is now on the ‘being scalped’ end of the latest public moral clouting.  Here’s how we got here and where we’re going next:

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