Federal Judge Rules Parents Can’t Protect Kids from Gov-School Altrainbow Indoctrination

Another Biden-nominated District Court Judge brushed aside constitutional law to force Americans to subject their children to the LGBTQ indoctrination by public schools claiming parents had no right to stop their children from being exposed to child grooming (what it really is, not what this pervert judge calls it) because “mere exposure in public school to ideas that contradict religious beliefs does not burden the religious exercise of students or parents.”

The anti-American, anti-human judge is Deborah Boardman, who should be immediately removed from office after such a vulgar disregard for basic constitutional rights, never mind her advocacy of child grooming.

She represents the heart and spirit of a depraved party that will not be happy until all Americans are forced to submit to her party’s anti-human ideology, leading the whole of humanity to certain death.

The ruling should confirm to Americans that sending your children to government-run schools is the same as sending your children to be brutalized by child abusers who will condition your children to be assaulted by adults on a daily basis, using our tax dollars to do so.

Federal judge finds Maryland parents have no right to ‘opt-out’ of LGBTQ+ education for their children – JURIST – www.jurist.org


A Maryland federal judge denied Thursday a parents’ request to have their children “opt-out’ of education on LGBTQ+ history and topics. In Mahmoud v. McKnight, three families parenting elementary-aged children in Maryland, objected on religious grounds to the use of storybooks featuring LGBTQ+ characters in the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) system. The court rejected the parents’ request, stating, “Public schools are not obliged to shield individual students from ideas which potentially are religiously offensive, particularly when the school imposes no requirement that the student violate his or her faith during classroom instruction.”

The lawsuit began when the school board announced in 2023 that parents would no longer receive the option to opt their children out of instruction on certain LGBTQ+ storybooks in the MCPS system. Originally, when the curriculum was adopted in October 2022, parents received notice of the use of these books, and could opt their children out of instruction involving the books. The MCPS school board also enacted religious diversity guidelines that suggested that schools adjust their instruction or accommodate requests from students who wish to be excused from classroom discussions which would “impose a substantial burden on their religious beliefs.” The same guidelines stated, “[I]f such requests become too frequent or too burdensome, the school may refuse to accommodate the requests.”

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