Female Pastor Preaches “Gospel” of Murdering Unborn Babies

A Far-left activist masquerading as a Pastor is preaching the lie that God blesses the murdering of unborn children. Rebeka Todd Peters, wearing a Planned Parenthood Pink sash, told her “congregants” at a North Carolina Unitarian-Universalist Church “I felt God’s presence with me as I made the decision to end two pregnancies and I felt no guilt, no shame, no sin.”

Elon University professor-minister ‘on a mission’ to preach that abortion is not a sin

A professor of religious studies at Elon University who’s also an ordained Presbyterian minister is, according to the Religion News Service, “on a mission […] to shift the cultural paradigm that abortion is sin.”

… Peters says that while liberal Protestant denominations are largely in favor of “reproductive rights,” they avoid conversations about it. This leaves Catholics and evangelical Christians in control of the narrative.

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