Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Orders Investigation Into Actions of Former Reedy Creek Improvement District Members

DISNEY’S SCHEME TO RETAIN CONTROL OF REEDY CREEK IS NOW UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION – After the Anti-American seditionist company, Walt Disney Inc, saw its control of the special tax district Reedy Creek removed, the board about to be replaced by Governor Ron DeSantis a sweetheart deal that retains de facto control of the land for the Woketarian corporation.  The move was reported as a devastating attack on DeSantis’ efforts to rightly bring the rogue corporation to heel.

It turns out it just made things worse for Disney, who now finds itself under criminal investigation for its overt act of collusion and its blatant disregard for the law.  The Florida Attorney General’s office is subpoenaing all communications between the seditious anti-American board and its Disney handlers in preparation for bringing criminal charges against the CCP-compliant mouse and its corrupt sycophants. GO DEEPER

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