For Afghanistan, Hospitality is the Least We Should Do – Red Letter Christians –

For Afghanistan, Hospitality is the Least We Should Do – Red Letter Christians

2021-08-25 12:46:15
Bill Mefford

If you are watching the gut-wrenching pictures of Afghans fleeing the impending rule of the Taliban and asking hard questions of your government I have a question for you – where were you 20 years ago? 

There are and will continue to be political debates about President Biden’s decision to pull US troops out of Afghanistan at this particular point in time, but what is shocking is how little reflection there is on why we invaded Afghanistan in the first place, either by our political and military leaders or even among leaders in the church. It is intriguing to hear so many people question the timing of pulling out of Afghanistan when I know so few of these same folks who questioned our initial invasion. The truth is we will only continue to invade countries, stay for decades, and then act shocked when we suddenly leave those countries in a complete mess unless we first reflect on why we were there in the first place and what is driving us to determine what is best for other…

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