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Former PSU Professor Sues School Over Racist Pressure for Him to Resign

A former professor of Penn State University is alleging the school pressured him to either grade students according to their race or be labelled a “racist,” a term that in current year marks one for political and market assassination if it ever reaches the ears of the corporate and political representatives of the Democratic Party.

The professor, Zach  De Piero, is fighting back, claiming in the lawsuit brought for him by the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism, that the school is forcing teachers to accept the belief that white people are inherently racist and race-based grading is one way to combat the systemic evil of whiteness, or words to that effect. He said, “I think there is almost sort of like a religious, cult-like environment where you have this original skin, in this case — I’m white, I need to repent for that sin …I think they were waging a psychological war campaign, and they are trying to break people — and they almost broke me — but they didn’t.”

White Penn State professor who resisted race-based grading files discrimination lawsuit
Pennsylvania State University employees racially discriminated against a white professor who resigned in opposition to race-based grading and diversity trainings that argued white people are racist, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

Zack De Piero, who taught English at the school’s Abingdon campus, left in 2022 after working there for four years, according to the suit, which describes his departure as a “constructive termination,” arguing the school more or less forced him to resign.

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