Sitting SCOTUS Judge Uses Fake News to Justify Vaccine Mandate

Sotomayor Spits Medical Misinformation at Vaccine Mandate Hearing



Sonia Sotomayor claimed in a vaccine mandate hearing that over 100,000 children were in the hospital because of Covid and “many are on ventilators.” The CDC confirmed that Sotomayor was, in fact, lying when she said 100,000 children were in the hospital because of COVID.
As of right now, there are only a few thousand total children that have actually had to go the hospital for Covid, and a few hundred that have been on ventilators.
The fact that a sitting justice can be so grossly uninformed about the matter she is adjudicating is frighting for Americans that still value the Rule of Law. Clearly, Sotomayor believes in a more emotional approach to adjudicating, where the factuality of semantics is overridden by your feelings that are far superior to the subhumans just outside your elite tribe of noble understanding and being.

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