GOP Passes Defense Spending Bill Without Funding for Abortions, Trans Surgeries

GOP HOUSE ENDS MILITARY FUNDING OF ABORTIONS, TRANS SURGERIES IN DEFENSE SPENDING BILL – The MSM is in an uproar over the GOP using its legislative power to push the agenda that reflects their values in the same way the DNC on the regular. A DNC-led legislature once added the funding of two leftist pet projects, murdering unborn children and treating people with gender dysmorphia with the most disruptive, physically damaging treatment they can imagine.

They decided the U.S. military should get in the business of funding their ideological demands to the praise of the MSM. Now the MSM is in shock that the Republicans have used their power to attempt to end the funding that allows the military to be another political tool of the DNC-CCP, the enemies of America and “heteronormativity.” GO DEEPER

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