GOP Senators Oppose Dem Amendment that Would Draft Women

Women ‘Should Not Be Forced to Fight’: GOP Senators Take Stand against Female Draft –

No Draft for Women, Say GOP Senators in Response to DNC Amendment




Now, as the narrative becomes the institutions, as the theoretical assumption that there are no real physiological differences between male and female become instutitions and change existing institutions, it is only a matter of time before that society expects women to face the physical threat of any potential enemy in the same way as the man, despite the fact that she is not nearly physiologically equipped for such a task and would be broken even if she survived the war.

GOP Senators are trying to either pre-emptively cut off the eventual drafting of women in the military or grandstanding a threat that might not, yet, be credible.  As a DNC-held Senate Committee recently passed an amendment that would do just that, make women eligible for the draft, perhaps this is more the former than the latter.

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