Gospel Wakefulness

Are You Awake in the Gospel?

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2021-11-29 12:00:00
Jared C. Wilson

There are lots of descriptions of and synonymous phrases for what I call “gospel wakefulness”—because in fact I didn’t invent the concept. But if I had to place what I mean by the phrase in a nutshell, I’d do it this way: gospel wakefulness means treasuring Christ more greatly and savoring his power more sweetly.

This definition begs the questions, of course, “more greatly than what?” and “more sweetly than what?” The answer is “treasuring more greatly and savoring more sweetly than not treasuring or savoring at all,” but because I differentiate between gospel wakefulness and the new birth, I also mean “more greatly and more sweetly than before.”

I am not talking about waxing and waning feelings of intimacy with God, movements of worship, or the sort of…

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