“He Gets Us” Superbowl Ad Funded by Far Left Anti-Christian org

‘He Gets Us’ Ad Sponsors Don’t Believe in the Jesus They’re Selling

This year’s Super Bowl included two commercials selling a loving, human Jesus Christ with the tagline “He Gets Us. All of Us.” They are part of a huge advertising campaign featuring billboards, TV ads, and YouTube Videos. All portray Jesus as someone who understands our struggles because he has experienced them too. They use slogans like “Jesus was a refugee,” “Jesus rallied for justice, too,” “Jesus championed women,” and “Jesus didn’t always feel welcome at church.” The videos are available in English or Spanish and direct viewers to a website that emphasizes how “radically inclusive” Jesus was. The campaign also has a Facebook page, and is on Instagram and Tiktok.

The first time I saw a “He Gets Us” billboard as I drove from Round Rock to Pflugerville, I was impressed. It presented a Jesus who loves, includes, and “gets” everyone. I thought it was a wonderful alternative to the hateful words and actions of some Christians who condemn immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, non-Christians, and others who don’t share their beliefs. I felt the same way when I saw the videos, especially “Dinner Party,” which is featured prominently on the website.

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