IDF Launches Major Assault on Jenin

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) conducted a major operation on the Palestinian town of Jenin allegedly to root out a growing terrorist threat. Israeli soldier entered the city to arrest suspected terrorists, facing multiple gun battles and sniper attacks. The IDF reported on the operation through Twitter, saying, “After passing the 24 hour mark, IDF Chief of the General Staff LTG Herzi Halevi conducted a situational assessment at the Commando Brigade’s Headquarters in the Jenin Camp overnight.”

IDF Conducts Counterterrorism Operation in West Bank Jihadist Stronghold of Jenin

The Israel Defense Forces are conducting a large-scale counterterrorism operation in the West Bank town of Jenin as the Jewish State faces a renewed wave of terrorist attacks.

More than a hundred terror suspects were taken into custody while Israeli soldiers combed the streets and alleys of Jenin, facing sniper fire and pitched gun battles. “The IDF said that since the early hours of Monday, troops had questioned over 120 Palestinian suspects. Several of them were released, while others were taken in for additional questioning,” The Times of Israel reported Tuesday.


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