If You Talk Against Fauci, That’s a Hate Crime Says Baylor Professor

Professor suggests it should be a federal hate crime to criticize Fauci and – feedproxy.google.com

Baylor Prof Says Being Anti-Science, Anti-Fauci is Hate Crime

From freedomist.com
2021-08-04 01:23:17
Jennifer Kabbany – Fix Editor


A pediatric doctor from Baylor Colliege  of Medicine, Dr. Peter Hotez, offered such a scenario.  This man is a pediatric doctor.  I am willing to bet some of the fathers and mothers of some of the very children he serves might get arrested one day if his hate crime expansion fantasy were to happen.   Maybe one of them would go to jail, over speech, and this ‘do no harm’ in name only doctor is suggesting we throw that child’s parent in jail because the narrative is failing and no one believes we incompetent scientists anymore.


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