Illinois governor OK’s measure allowing civil action against gun dealers and manufacturers for improper marketing campaigns

Illinois Governor Hopes to Kill 2A Rights By Suing Gun Manufacturers Out of Existence –


The anti-American ideologue billionaire Governor J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) approved a measure that opens up firearms manufacturers to unconstitutional lawsuits by leftist-funded hate groups seeking to disarm American citizens to hasten the death of the republic.

The bill was signed one day after the State Supreme Court revealed it had 4 quislings and 3 Americans on its court, with the quislings holding that it was ok to allow citizens (really, special interest hit squads) to sue gun manufacturers for “deceptive marketing,” specifically for using marketing tactics designed to get people under 18 to buy guns, a standard that will never, can never be defined and will always be open to the interpretation of jurors alone.

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