Indiana AG Looks to End ESG

Heritage Action, Indiana AG Push Law Requiring Companies to Prioritize Profit-Based Investments Not ESG

Heritage Action and Indiana State Attorney General Todd Rokita have joined the ranks of those urging passage of HB 1008, a state bill to require that investments in the state’s public pension system be chosen based solely on their financial merit – and, not on how they might achieve, or oppose, an environmental, social or governance (ESG) agenda.

“Environmental, social, and governance policies are the Left’s latest political tool to use businesses and financial institutions to force their progressive ideology on the American people, including in states like Indiana,” Executive Director Jessica Anderson says in a press release calling for the bill’s passage:

“ESG policies threaten Indiana retirees and put key state industries at risk, including the energy, manufacturing, and agricultural industries that keep Indiana’s economy thriving. Heritage Action thanks Rep. Ethan Manning for leading the charge against ESG and sponsoring HB 1008. We encourage the bill’s passage in the Indiana House so that Hoosiers can trust their investments and economic interests are protected.”


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