Is the Vaccine Too Much to Ask of Our Kids?

From –  Experimenting with Kids for the Good of the Whole?

The push to make our children guinea pigs by forcing them to get vaccines to ‘protect’ them from a virus that offers little to no threat to them is becoming harder and harder to justify as more and more studies come in that show the claims these controllers are making aren’t reflected in the science.  Children are not at high risk.

Children that are vaccinated are almost as likely as unvaccinated kids to spread the virus, even if they never get sick from it.  Finally, the examples of other schools that stayed open with unmasked and unvaccinated kids also fails to support the alarmist claims of these controllers.

These are just some of the reasons why we must resist the call to mandate vaccines for our children, let alone mandating them to wear masks at school.

From  – Vaccinating Children Means Unnecessary Risks

The CDC itself is reporting that a total of 680 children between the ages of 0-18 have died as a result of getting Covid, starting in January of 2020 and up to October 31st, 2021.  Data on what the vaccine might do to children will be a long time coming, as it is difficult initially to attribute a health event after receiving the vaccine to the vaccine itself.  Longterm effects are most profoundly to be experienced by children, and the longterm effects of these vaccines simply cannot be known until long terms have passed.

Given the uncertainty of the nature of the vaccines themselves, it seems extremely counter-intuitive to mandate children be forced to get a vaccine, even against the child’s, and even the parents’ wills, given the uncertainty of the vaccines effects longterm and the extremely low risk of harm to children as a result of even getting the vaccine in the first place.

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