Is Tom Wolf Violating Law Joining Cap and Trade Group?


Tom Wolf Wants PA to Join Multi-State Cap and Trade Scheme

Tom Wolf might be dipping into some illegal action with his recent decision to have the State of Pessnylvania join the Regional Green Gas initiative.  In essense, it’s a multi-state cap and trade scheme that seeks to work around legislatures where they might not be so amendable to such schemes.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) is on the precipice of deciding whether Pennsylvania should join the Regional Green Gas Initiative (RGGI), a multistate “cap and trade” agreement that sets limits on CO2 emissions. Joining the RGGI could result in the closure of power plants, job losses, and a loss of energy independence for the United States. Yet the governor doesn’t appear to care. Nor does he appear to care that the study used to justify joining RGGI is deeply flawed or that he may lack the legal authority to make the decision to join.

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