Israeli Forces Stretched Thin As Citizens Refuse to Serve

Attempts by the Netanyahu-led government to “reform” their highest court are still being challenged as the court sits on deciding whether to up the ante by attempting to strike down a law intended to limit its powers. More harmful to his plans, however, are refusals by Israelis to serve in their military which appears to have reached a critical fail point in the military. So far, more than 10,000 reservists have failed to show up for duty.

‘We will defend Israel’: Mass anti-judicial overhaul protests enter 32nd week –


“All this adds to the deep crisis in the people’s army, whose operational readiness has been severely harmed by the government’s actions. It is up to us, the citizens, to come out and defend Israel,” they said. “We started in the winter and now at the height of summer — we will continue to defend the State of Israel.”

… The chief of the Israeli Air Force, Maj. Gen. Tomer Bar, met Friday with dozens of reservist pilots who have declared they would no longer show up for volunteer duty to protest the overhaul, warning them that the state of the force’s readiness was “worsening.”

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