January 6th Committee Targets Bannon, Trump-Supporting GOP

Trump 2024 Target of January 6th Committee

From Freedomist.com


With the recent targeting of Steve Bannon, a man once on the right side of Donald J Trump in the beginning of his Presidency, by the January 6th Committee, recommending contempt charges against him for not answering what some consider to be a dubiously legally binding subpoena, the real target, the real purpose of the January 6th Committee seems more to do with the prevention of Donald J Trump possibly winning back the Presidency in 2024.

The January 6th Event, sometimes called a protest gone wrong, sometimes called a riot gone wrong, sometimes called an insurrection, is taken as fact by the press that covers this event as a near-apocolyptic catastrophe as a few hundred mostly middle class Americans came close to taking down the whole government by sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.  The headlines here, the tone of all of the news blurbs we share in this report reflect that assumption not only in the titles, but in the articles themselves.

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