Kentucky Education Commissioner Resigns Over Anti-Child Grooming Laws

Kentucky families can feel a little better after Education Commissioner Jason Glass resigned in the face of new laws that ban grooming children to explore their sexuality and change their gender were passed. The partisan Democrat loyalist did the state and Americans a favor by resigning before he was rightly removed, unable to follow the will of the people who elected the GOP-majority that passed laws the people who elected them wanted to see passed.

Note the media titling below that seeks to sterilize the child-grooming policies this man introduced, calling it anti-LGBTQ, rather than what it is, child grooming that leads to child mutililation if the child gets selected to go down the path of trans ideology.

Kentucky’s top education official resigns over anti-LGBTQ+ law

Glass announced his resignation Monday. In a conversation with reporters Tuesday, Glass explained his decision.

“Of course my decision to leave was influenced by the political situation that we find ourselves in in Kentucky, but also in many other places across the nation,” Glass said.

“I do not wish to be part of implementing the dangerous and unconstitutional anti-LGBTQI law that the Legislature passed this last session. So it is time for me to move on.”


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