Laws Protecting Children from Predatory Trans-Activst Parents Chasing Them Out of Red States

The geographical dividing of the country continues as parents who insist on putting their underage children through chemical castration and bodily mutilation to treat a tragic mental illness, pack up their bags and head to DNC-controlled states that continue to allow children to be mutilated for the sake of the leftist anti-human cause. MPRNews chose to champion the “cause” of the trans-activist parents, revealing themselves to be one of the DNC agit prop organs.

‘Refugees in the USA’: Transgender care bans cause families to pull up stakes

…Republican Gov. Spencer Cox signed the bill into law days after the GOP-controlled Legislature gave it the green light. In a statement, Cox thanked the sponsor, state Sen. Mike Kennedy, for his “thoughtful approach to this terribly divisive issue.”

But the law was the last straw for Jen and her family. Jen’s youngest child, Kat, is transgender. Their family felt forced to leave the state they love — and the only place Kat has ever called home.

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