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After years of antisemitic indoctrination by Progmerica (which is no America at all), American youths are leaning into Nazi narratives, especially the classic Nazi trope “the holocaust isn’t real.” 20 Percent of young adults, people between 18-29 years old, believe the Holocaust was a myth while 33 percent are “agnostic” on the claim, meaning less than half of the people in this age group believe the holocaust was real.

This has all occurred under the watch of the alleged antifascist left, who preaches antifascism while practicing fascism, and this poll is just one more item that demonstrates how true that reality really is.

Poll: Twenty percent of college-aged Americans say the Holocaust is a myth – www.thecollegefix.com


A new poll sheds light on why so many college-aged Americans aren’t worried about expressing antisemitism: Twenty percent of those between the ages of 18 and 29 believe the Holocaust is a myth.

Specifically, the YouGov/The Economist poll shows eight percent of that age group “strongly agrees” that the World War II Nazi  Jewish genocide program is bogus, while 12 percent “tend to agree.”

Thirty percent neither agreed nor disagreed the Holocaust happened, The Hill reports. In addition, twenty-three percent said the Holocaust “has been exaggerated,” and 28 percent believe Jews “wield too much power” in the U.S.

Other results from the poll (18-29 year-olds vs. those age 65+):

— 36 vs. 13 percent believe “Israel exploits Holocaust victimhood for its own purposes.”

— 33 vs. six percent say “people should boycott Israeli goods and products.”

— 32 vs. 13 percent believe “Israel is an apartheid state.”

— 40 vs. 18 percent say “Israel is deliberately trying to wipe out the Palestinian population.”

— 51 vs. 88 percent believe “Israel has the right to exist.”

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