LibsofTikTok Confronts Mayor Denying Spanking from Drag Queen in Front of Kids Took Place

The creator of LibsofTikTok, Chaya Raichik, confronted the Mayor of Burbank Konstantine Anthony over accusations she lied about him. The dispute arose over a tiktok Raichik created that exposes the Mayor for getting spanked by a drag queen in a sexual way in front of children.

The Mayor called her a liar, saying the event was a “private 21+ event,” which turned out not to be true. She also had tweets of his to show him that seemed to endorse pedophilia, with one saying “Yay! #PeterSarsgaard makes pedophilia is cool again!! #AnEducation.”

Journalist confronts mayor who lied about getting spanked by a drag queen in front of children –


Chaya Raichik, aka @LibsOfTikTok, broke a story about a California mayor who got spanked by a drag queen in front of children. She confronted Konstantine Anthony, aka Mayor Spanky, to ask him if he enjoyed the spanking and why he lied about it.

To recap, Mayor Spanky was spanked by a drag queen at a fundraiser where children as young as 15 were present, according to reports and a clip circling social media. The event was put on by the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats (SCVD) featuring drag queen Foxxy Roxy Wood to “celebrate California’s birthday” and “protect democracy.”

He also claimed the drag queen event was a “private 21+ event” and said that Libs of TikTok was “lying” about it.

Chaya traveled to Burbank to confront the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors candidate for calling her a liar. Also, to ask him about a few questionable tweets that have come up. Turns out Mayor Spanky has a thing for degeneracy and pedophilia. Who woulda thunk?

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