Liquid metal coating creates an effective antiviral, antibacterial fabric –

Liquid metal coating creates an effective antiviral, antibacterial fabric

2021-09-28 19:24:12


An international team of researchers created antiviral and antibacterial coatings using liquid gallium and tested them on a variety of fabrics, including face masks. The coating adhered more strongly to the fabric than some traditional metal coatings and eradicated 99% of some common pathogens within 5 minutes.

“Microbes can survive long-term on the fabrics that hospitals use for bedding, clothing, and face masks,” said Camille & Henry, co-author of a paper on the study and in North Carolina’s chemistry and biomolecular engineering. Michael Dicky, a professor of Dreyfus, said. State University. “Metal surface coatings such as copper and silver are effective ways to eradicate these pathogens, but many metal particle coating techniques have non-uniformity, processing complexity, or inadequacy. There is a problem. Adhesive strength.. “


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