Medical Professionals No Longer Required Suspected Domestic Abuse if CA Bill Passes

The anti-American state of California, completely controlled by the seditionist party of the DNC, is prepared to pass AB 1028, a bill that would remove requirements for medical professionals to report suspect domestic abuse injuries, unless a gun is involved.

From the bill’s own summary: This bill would, on and after January 1, 2025, remove the requirement that a health practitioner make a report to law enforcement when they suspect a patient has suffered physical injury caused by assaultive or abusive conduct, and instead only require that report if the health practitioner suspects a patient has suffered a wound or physical injury inflicted by the person’s own act or inflicted by another where the injury is by means of a firearm, a wound or physical injury resulting from child abuse, or a wound or physical injury resulting from elder abuse.

California Considers Eliminating Requirement to Notify Law Enforcement of Suspected Domestic Violence – RedState –


Former California State Senator Melissa Melendez, one of the shining sanity beacons in the not-so Golden State’s body politic, tweeted on August 14 that the state legislature is considering a bill eliminating the present requirement of healthcare providers to notify law enforcement when they suspect a patient has, or is, suffering from domestic violence.

The bill, AB 1028, was introduced in February 2023 by Assemblymember Tina McKinnor. It was co-authored by Assemblymember Buffy Wicks and everyone’s favorite California politician not named Governor Hair Gel Senator Scott Wiener.

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