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Nigerian Doctor Looks to Expose Cancer’s Genetic Basis

Meet The Nigerian Tackling The Genetic Basis Of Cancer

2022-01-31 19:00:00
Andrew Wight, Contributor

Nigerian researcher Professor Olufunmilayo Olopade has worked for decades in the search for the genetic basis of breast cancer, now she is teaming up with an African startup to sequence populations that are under-represented in the medical literature.

Professor Olopade, a V Foundation Scientific Advisory committee member, and dean for global health/director of the University of Chicago’s Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics & Global Health says her current laboratory research is focused on using whole genome technologies and bioinformatics to gain a deeper understanding of the genomic landscape of breast cancer….

Professor Olopade is now working with an African startup that in 2021 secured $25 million in Series B funding to continue their genomic work in Africa.

According to 54gene, less than 3% of genomic data represented in research is from African populations.

“Our biggest challenge was finding sustainable funding but I now have the biggest opportunity to partner with biotech startup 54gene to perform the work in Africa,” she says.

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