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Even as newborn and infant deaths are rising, the ability to replace them is decreasing as a new study published in Fertility and Sterility Magazine shows sperm count among men is decreasing at alarming rates, and the culprit blamed is the cell phone. It seems the plans by the elites to depopulate the planet are working well so far.

Sperm Counts Have Been Falling For Decades—Researchers Think Cell Phones Could Help Explain Why –


Men who use their cell phones frequently have lower sperm counts than men who don’t, according to new research published in Fertility and Sterility on Tuesday, offering a fresh insight into a decades-long mystery of falling sperm counts and rising infertility that has baffled experts and sparked a global fertility crisis.

Between 2005 and 2018, Swiss scientists at the University of Geneva and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute recruited 2,886 men aged between 18 and 22 from military conscription centers and asked them to keep track of their mobile phone use, as well as other information on their lifestyle and general health.

Scientists checked the quantity and quality of study participants’ sperm and analyzed data to see whether mobile phone use was linked to changes in sperm count, an important measure of fertility.

Men who used their phones more than 20 times a day had significantly lower sperm counts and sperm concentrations—a less important but still useful metric than total sperm count—than men who only used their phones once a week, the researchers found, a difference of around a fifth for both measurements.


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