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At home, American companies are adapting the DNC-CCP ideology of fear, hate, and fake hope built on the premise that white people invented evil so we should get rid of everything white people created, including the American republic, and ESPECIALLY the Bill of Rights. All this is done in the name of combatting fascism. Abroad, these same companies are deeply, profoundly in bed with the world’s most powerful fascist state China, led by the Chinese Communist Party.

Microsoft is the latest example, with documents released by the Washington Free Beacon that show the self-righteous company at home is a fascist state enabler abroad, working with Chinese agit prop organs like China Dail and People’s Daily to assure the CCP agit prop message is effectively transmitted to the people it controls with an iron fist, all in the interest of advancing the superior race, the Han race, and its materialistically-blessed destiny to transmit “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” to the whole world.

Microsoft Made Deals with Chinese Propaganda Outlets › American Greatness –


Recently-revealed documents indicate that the American software company Microsoft actively worked with Chinese government-run media outlets to spread Chinese propaganda.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Microsoft – the second-largest corporation in the United States – entered into partnerships with several outlets run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including China Daily and People’s Daily, with the latter being the official newspaper of the CCP’s Central Committee, while the former is published by the CCP’s Central Propaganda Department. In 2020, the U.S. State Department declared that the parent company of People’s Daily was “substantially owned or effectively controlled” by the CCP.

As part of the partnerships, Microsoft agreed to provide technology to China Daily that would enable it to target potential readers, while People’s Daily would be given access to an artificial intelligence (AI) bot that was designed to be censored and controlled by the CCP. The deal with China Daily was struck in September of 2016, with China Daily even admitting that the partnership would see Microsoft provide the publication with technology that would establish a “Media Smart Cloud Innovation Technology Laboratory.”

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